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MediaCvlt is dark electronic music. File under Gothic, EBM, and dark ambient. "Covenant", "Empires" and "Hexx-9" are singles released privately in 2014 -2015, and personify the genre of urban dark ambient electronic music that mediacvlt has been making and performing in New York City.

Mediacvlt's recent release, a 9 song album called "Blvck Seraphim" on the Outerbass Record label, pulls from Witchouse, Gothic rock music, EBM and Electronica, and was released in 2015. "Blvck Seraphim" is darkly inspired by Gothic literature and the occult.

The intent is pure trance, influenced by ritual magic, tantra and modern art. Musical reference for the current work are diverse, such as Gamelan music, Moroccan folk rhythm and and far shores electronic & classical composition.

Find MediaCvlt on Outerbass Records, London.

Find mediacVlt on Hexx 9 Records, nyc.


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Nostromo Cult Mix by The MediaCvlt 2015 by M3diaa-Cvlt Radio on Mixcloud


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